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ALKALI-NUTS, mont Saint-Hilaire

On the following pages, you will find information on the minerals and environments surrounding Mont Saint-Hilaire (MSH), Québec, Canada.

mont Saint-Hilaire - click for larger pic
Photo of mont Saint-Hilaire, ©Quintin Wight

Located 40 kilometers to the East of Montréal, in Rouville County, Mont Saint- Hilaire has become a classic collecting site and one of the most prolific current sources of rare mineral species. To date, 371 species have been identified from MSH, of which 50 species are new to science with several undetermined minerals (unknowns) still being investigated and a few new species approved by the International Mineralogical Association not yet published.

     The term ALKALINUTS is a term derived from László Horváth to describe those interested in minerals and studies of alkaline intrusive sites, of which MSH is such a site.

This site wants to display the beauties of MSH and describe briefly each species, with photos and diagrams. If you have lovely photographs, photo-micrographs, SEMs, anecdotes and/or collecting stories; I would be more than willing to publish them here with the proper acknowledgements to their source. Your comments, suggestions are more than welcome.

CAUTION: Mont Saint-Hilaire is open for mineral collecting on specific days ONLY. These dates are available on the Club de Minéralogie de Montréal web site in the links section.

Line up at MSH - click for larger pic
Morning line-up for collectors
©Quintin Wight

** Top picture of Lake Hertel atop mont Saint-Hilaire
© A. R. Chakhmouradian