Micro-mineral Forum

A new Forum specialized in
micro-mineralogy is born …

     The goal of « micromineral-forum.com » is to regroup all micro-mineralogy amateurs and showcase this type of collecting to neophytes.

Micro-mineralogy opens the door of mineralogy with a fresh look in a whole new dimension:

     When viewing specimens through a stereoscope, you will be amazed by the beauty of the crystals; their crystal habits, colours and associations will amaze you.

At this scale, minerals are perfect : no broken crystals, with crystal edges intact.

For us, dwellers of the “Old Continent”, the quest in the field for micro-minerals is much easier as they still can be found in many localities (not so for the « macro » specimens, now residing in museums across the globe and in expensive collections !).

Micro-mineralogy offers you the opportunity to see species you would otherwise never encounter. From only 500 « macro » species visible to the naked eye, there are now over 4000 species available for the « micro » collector !!!

On the financial side, you can locate micro-minerals for as low as 1 US$. For very rare species you can expect to part with up to 100 US$, although you would never find specimens visible to the naked eye for any amount near that price!

No space, No problem. You can store 100’s of specimens in a shoe-box ; no more dust on your fine okenite sprays.

Micro-mineralogy is becoming a hobby for the future for « micro »amateurs, as quarries, mines and private localities are closing their doors to collectors of « big » rocks. Now is the time to change dimension in order to continue to satisfy our passion for minerals.

This forum has been created to assist you with your technical/technological questions and/or help you locate contacts within our ” micro ” community. The « micromineral-forum.com » is open to ALL micro-mineralogy amateurs, in all languages, not only francophones. Furthermore, moderators are available should any problem arise.

This forum is independent from all other organisations.

Here are some of the topics presented in this forum (other topics could be created on demand) :

     Micro-mounting, photo-micrography and software
for beginners.

Chemistry, crystallography and structure
determination problems.

Localities (« micro » localities to heavy metal

Buy / Sell / Trade section.

Useful links for our hobby and much more…

We have created a RSS feed to allow you to follow message posts in real-time, automatically displaying new messages from extracted data upon your visit.

I hope I have instilled a desire to register in « micromineral-forum.com », a new forum on micro-mineralogy. I eagerly await your visit to this exciting new dimension of mineralogy.