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Though not exhaustive, and probably not complete, here is a table of fluorescent and phosphorescent species found at Mont Saint-Hilaire. Add clinoptilolite-K to your list of fluorescent species from Mont Saint-Hilaire.

Some new species were brought to my attention via Jacques Poulin, and the table is based on work from László Horváth and from Tony Steede‘s excellent table of species as well as other recent inputs.

Site Updates

The abstract for gjerdingenite-Na has been posted to the site, and the page for gjerdingenite-Na has been updated.

Joaquinite-(Ce) photo
Joaquinite-(Ce) now has been confirmed on a specimen from Modris Baum from recent analysis from the Royal Ontario Museum.

3 new species for mont Saint-Hilaire, cancrisilite, kapustinite and litvinskite. Mesolite has been confirmed, requires 2nd confirmation, there are also reports of scolecite which actually has the same framework as mesolite and natrolite.

Visit the “new stuff” page and have a look at recent species for Mont Saint-Hilaire. A search engine has now been inserted at the bottom of each page to help you locate your queries more efficiently.

Check the update page for latest updates on ALKALI-NUTS, mont Saint-Hilaire site.

As always, I am VERY receptive to any comments and suggestions, and of course to new photographs or photo-micrographs. I am well equipped for digitizing photos, negatives or slides.

New Micro-Mineralogy Forum

A new forum aiming to regroup all micro-mineralogy amateurs and showcase this type of collecting to neophytes. To learn more on this new forum.

This forum is independent from all other organisations.

Here are some of the topics presented in this forum (other topics could be created on demand) :

     Micro-mounting, photo-micrography and software
for beginners.

Chemistry, crystallography and structure
determination problems.

Localities (« micro » localities to heavy metal

Buy / Sell / Trade section.

Useful links for our hobby and much more…



Here’s the link to a page of articles and subjects of interest related to mont Saint-Hilaire and mineralogy.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) has released many photographs of mineral species from Mont Saint- Hilaire taken by the late Violet Anderson. This has been made possible by the excellent footwork done by Malcolm Back of the ROM.

With still a few more photo-micrographs to be uploaded to the site, over 100 of her photographs now embellish the mineral descriptions pages. These will also serve to display the beauties of Mont Saint-Hilaire minerals and to present different habits of certain species.

These photographs were taken from some of the most notable collectors and collections of MSH material. You will find photos of specimens from the collections of Henry Budgen, Janet and Stephen Cares, Gary Glenn
Gilles Haineault, W. Henderson, Elsa and László Horváth, Larry Lachapelle, Cynthia Peat, Bob Ramik, Peter Tarassoff, Charles and Marcelle Weber, Quintin Wight, the Canadian Museum of Nature and the Royal Ontario Museum

The photographs are released to this site for display purposes only. The copyrights remain the property of the Royal Ontario Museum and are courtesy of the Earth Science Department of the Royal Ontario Museum. All ROM photographs are by the late Violet Anderson. Any inquiries about the use of these photographs must be addressed directly to the Museum.

Collecting Note

CAUTION : Mont Saint-Hilaire is open for rockhounding and mineral collecting on specific days ONLY. These dates are available from the Club de Minéralogie de Montréal website in the links section.