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  • Alkaline Rocks, Carbonatites and Kimberlites, introduction to alkaline rocks and their characteristics, also a brief page on mont Saint-Hilaire and other alkaline localities. Dr. A. R. Chakhmouradian

  • Eudialyte, excellent site on alkaline intrusives. Dr Wilfried Steffens.

  • Geonic Mineral Collection, with articles on some alkaline sites from different localities. Georges Claeys.

  • Langesundsfjord Website, articles and mineralogy on Norwegian alkaline pegmatites and localities. Tom Engvoldsen

  • The Langesundsfjord site, site covering the geology and minerals from the Norwegian syenite pegmatites. Alf Olav Larsen .

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  •   Canadian

  • Montreal Gem & Mineral Club - rules and collecting dates for M.S.H. Martin Van Kuilenburg.

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  •   E-zines & Magazines

  • Bob's Rock Shop - You will find it all here. First rockhound e-zine on the web. Extensive classifieds section. Bob Keller.

  • Mineralogical Record - provides cover pictures and table of contents of all editions.

  • Le Règne Minéral - excellent magazine in English and French. Pierre-Nicolas Schwab.

  • Western Canadian Gemstone Newsletter - editor Rick Hudson.

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  •   Micro-Mineralogy

  • Associazione Micro-mineralogica Italiana - home of the Italian micro-mineralogy association. An online forum is also available. Marco Ciriotti.

  • Canadian Micro-Mineral Association - home of Canada's micro-mineral association. Randy Ernst, editor.

  • Micro-Mineral Forum, A new forum aiming to regroup all micro-mineralogy amateurs and showcase this type of collecting to neophytes. To learn more on this new forum.    Philippe Saget.

  • New Zealand Micro-Mineral Club - regroupment of "down-under" micro-mineralogy amateurs. Displays headlines from their newsletter "Micro-Scope", a quarterly publication. Rod Martin.

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  •   Journals, Museums and Universities

  • American Mineralogist - table of contents of issues, articles and much more.

  • Canadian Mineralogist - table of contents and abstracts of many of Canada's new species.

  • European Journal of Mineralogy - table of contents of this European journal.

  • Institute of Mineralogy, University of Wuerzburg - links to resources for mineralogists, petrologists, crystallographers and geologists.
    Klaus-Peter Kelber.

  • Royal Ontario Museum - excellent museum and provider of most photographs on this site. Malcolm Back.

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  •   References

  • Periodic table from Lenntech - an excellent periodic table and educational tool. It presents all health and environmental risks of each chemical element. Benjamin Metral.

  • Athena's Mineralogy - complete and up-to-date database of mineral species with Strunz Classification. Pierre Perroud.

  • Mindat.org - the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet. This site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral localities and other mineralogical information. Jolyon Ralph.

  • Mineralogy Database - complete database of minerals with their chemical, physical and optical properties with Dana & Strunz classifications. Excellent new crystallography section. David Barthelmy.

  • MinMax Mineral Information System sorts all minerals following the Strunz classification. Features an impressive locality database with related minerals and bibliography. Nino Martincevic.

  • The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom - site on minerals and all their properties. Hershel Friedman.

  • www.the-vug.com - The web's most extensive mineral link portal, featuring over 600 categorized links to mineral, fossil, gem, lapidary, club and related sites. Steve Hardinger.

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  •   Various

  • Bob's Eggs, an interesting assortment of eggs from different localities including mont Saint-Hilaire. Robert Gariépy.

  • Fluorescent Mineral Museum, provides many photographs of minerals in normal and under fluorescent lights. Stuart Schneider.

  • The Gault Nature Reserve - mineralogists visiting Mont St. Hilaire might also want to visit the nature reserve, or possibly stay in the chalets that we rent out on site. Our Research Centre on the mountain also provides very affordable lodging and cooking facilities for anyone doing research in the region.

  • The Virtual Quarry - extensive classified section. Also contains errata for Dana's 8th Edition.

  • Trinity Mineral Company - site of First mineral auction and home of a great (the greatest) benitoite fan. John Veevaert.

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