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List Of Updates

     Here are the latest updates on the ALKALI-NUTS, mont Saint-Hilaire site, in reverse chronological order.

18 Jul 07 - New mineral abstract on site
The abstract for gjerdingenite-Na has been posted to the site, and the page for gjerdingenite-Na has been updated.

14 Jul 07 - Joaquinite-(Ce) photo
Joaquinite-(Ce) now has been confirmed on a specimen from Modris Baum from recent analysis from the Royal Ontario Museum.

03 Apr 07 - Collecting dates for 2007
The collecting for mont Saint-Hilaire are now included on the news page.

21 Mar 07 - Species discredited
Ilmenorutile is discredited by the IMA during a vast revision of pre-IMA (1959) species. Ilmenorutile is Nb-bearing rutile.

6 Mar 07 - Species information updates; Annabergite, hingganite-(Ce), hingganite-(Y), mazzite-Na, ranciéte, smithsonite and zircophyllite have additional information added on their specific species pages.

19 Feb 07 - New (old) species for the Magic Mountain; Cancrisilite, kapustinite and litvinskite are added to the ever expanding list of species at Mont Saint-Hilaire. MSH species now stands at 372 species with 50 type localities.

12 Jan 07 - UKs resolved; UK 48 = Hingganite-(Y), UK48A = Hingganite-(Ce), UK 53A = Malinkoite, UK 97 = Adamsite-(Y), UK 109 = IMA 2005-012a from Italy.

29 Dec 06 - Last update for 2006; boyleite, paracoquimbite and römerite are added to the list. MSH species now stands at 369 species with 50 type localities.

20 Dec 06 - Major update/upgrade to the ALKALI-NUTS, mont Saint-Hilaire site, all of the English side is complete, the French side to be completed by Mar '07. There are now 257 species and 8 unknowns graced by a total of 950 photographs & micrographs on site linked to larger versions. Annabergite, cryptomelane, fluoro-magnesio-arfvedsonite, hingganite-(Ce), hingganite-(Y), malinkoite, ranciéite, zircophyllite and IMA 2003-019 (UK-99) are added to the list.