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     Number of people have helped with the creation of this site. May it be suppliers of fine mineral specimens, providers of excellent photos, moral support teams and generators of great ideas; and last but not least, people from which friendships have developed over time.

     I want to thank each and every one of you. Any mistakes, errors or omissions on this site are my own, none can be attributed in any way to any of the following people.

     In alphabetical order:

  • Malcolm Back, for comments and facilities (and more!) at the
         Royal Ontario Museum.

  • Modris Baum, for comments, suggestions and many photos
         over several years.

  • Jeffrey de Fourestier, for suggestions and comments. He is
         the author of "Glossary of Mineral Synonyms 2nd Edition".

  • Gilles Haineault, for wonderful specimens and his perseverence
         in collecting at mont Saint-Hilaire through good and bad years.

  • László Horváth, and Elsa for their wonderful specimens and
         taking the time to answer my many questions. The rarity
         factor tables are
    all László's work. He is the author of several
         works on alkaline intrusives including the "Mineralogical
         Record, Mont Saint-Hilaire edition", and "Mineralogy of the
         Saint-Amable sill, Varennes".

  • Dr Joseph "Joe" Mandarino, for comments and suggestions
         in the early stages.

  • Jacques Poulin, for many comments and for his revision and
         efforts on the fluorescence table of MSH species.

  • Dirk Schmid, for much needed advice and comments on
         aesthetics in website construction, from
         The Canadian Rockhound.

  • Tony Steede, for an elaborate and well designed table of
         all species from MSH and their properties.

  • Dr Wilfried Steffens, for sowing the seed, and support
         along the way.

  • Quintin Wight, for providing beautiful photographs, taking
         the time to answer my numerous queries, providing
         comments and suggestions, Author of "The Complete
         Book of Micro-Mounting".

    Providers of fine photographs/micrographs:

    Canadian Museum of Nature

    Modris Baum

    Royal Ontario Museum

    Blaise Canzian

    Axel Emmermann

    Giovanni Fraccaro

    Gilles Haineault

    David Joyce

    Elmar Lackner

    Bill Lechner

    Doug Merson

    Jason B. Smith

    Martin Stolworthy

    Steven Stuart

    Quintin Wight

    Dakota Matrix Minerals

    Stephan Wolfsried

    Trinity Mineral Company

    Once more a big


    to all.