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     This is your starting point to access an exhaustive list of bibliographic references. Many of these references helped with the construction of this site and consequently, of interest to anyone specializing in the alkaline intrusive field or willing to conduct some research on Mont Saint-Hilaire and its minerals.

     The reference section is divided into several sections. The references are grouped and classified per sources, ie, American Mineralogist (AM), Books, Canadian Mineralogist (CM), European Journal of Mineralogy (EJM), Mineralogical Magazine (MM), Mineralogical Record (MR), Rocks & Minerals (RM), University papers and other sources (symposia, etc.).

     Finally, the references are sorted in alphabetical order by author and by title. The author and title pages are complete listings of all references and therefore of fair size (about 73Kb).

-  AmMin  -   Books  -   CanMin  -   EJM  -   MM  -   MR  -   Others  -
- RM  -   Univ papers  -   List by authors  -   List by titles  -  

     For specific references on any given species, see the suggested reading at the bottom of the species description page. For type locality species from Mont Saint-Hilaire, you will find a link for the abstract of the original description.

     I have access to / receive several of these journals/magazines and will be updating this section as new articles surface. If you notice an article absent from this section, feel free to send me a note with the reference. For instance, I do not have regular access to the European Journal of Mineralogy or the Mineralogical Magazine.

     The following journals have been scanned for articles up to the respective dates indicated (updated 31 Jan '06):

American Mineralogist:
Canadian Mineralogist:
European Journal of Mineralogy:
Mineralogical Magazine:

Vol 92 #7, Jul (2007)
Vol 45 #3, Jun (2007)
Vol 19 #3, May (2007)
Vol 70 #6, Dec (2006)