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Periodic Table

Distribution of elements

     There are 93 elements that have been found on our planet to date, and an additional 19 created by man so far. At Mont Saint-Hilaire, 46 elements have been uncovered in the species from the quarry.

     This periodic table reflects the distribution of elements from the chemical formulas of all species from Mont Saint-Hilaire. The lightly colored elements are man-made elements, while the noble gases are in blue. The rare-earth elements (REE) are highlighted with a light gray background. Mont Saint-Hilaire has over 40 species with REE. For accuracy purposes, elements 113 through 118 have not been discovered yet.

     Once you depress an element with a red letter in the periodic table, the name of that element appears at the bottom of the table along with its atomic number and atomic weight. The following box displays the number of species at the quarry with this element in their chemical formula. The last box translates this in percentage of all species from Mont Saint-Hilaire.

     The mont Saint-Hilaire periodic table.