M. S. H. – Glossary & Definitions

Glossary of terms and abbreviations found on the site

AP – Altered pegmatites.
BR – Igneous breccias.
Breccia – Rock consisting of sharp fragments in a fine grained matrix.
FR – Rock forming minerals.
HF – Hornfels.
Hornfels – Fine grained silicate rock produced by metamorphism.
MC – Miarolitic cavities.
Miarolitic – Irregular cavities into which well-formed crystals project.
MSH – Mont Saint-Hilaire.
MX – Marble xenoliths.
PE – Unaltered pegmatites
Pegmatite – Natural igneous rock formation consisting of a variety of granite usually characterized by coarse texture caused by crystallization from an exceptionally fluid magma rich in mineralizers containing rare elements
Rarity factors – Rarity factor tables from 1 (common) to 10 (extremely rare).
SEM – Scanning electronic microscope.
SS – Sodalite syenite.
SX – Sodalite xenolith.
Syenite – Intrusive igneous rock composed of dominant alkaline feldspar.
Xenolith – Fragment of a rock included in another rock.